Oil, Coal & Gas

All your fuel requirements covered in Belleek and surrounding area.

Maguire Fuels are on hand with a huge range of products including oil, coal and gas for both commercial and domestic purposes.

To make an order, or with any enquiries you may have about our services or products, just get in touch today.

Oil Products

  • Kerosene 28 Sec Home Heating Oil
  • Red Diesel 35 Sec Agricultural Fuel

Coal Products
Our comprehensive selection of House coals, Smokeless Fuels, Wood, Peat Briquettes & Kindling are suitable for use in a wide range of heating appliances. We stock:

  • Columbian coal
  • Columbian doubles
  • Economy coal
  • Nuggets
  • Calco (smokeless)
  • Maxibrite (smokeless for multi fuels stoves
  • Coalite (smokeless for open fire)
  • Peat briquettes
  • Hardwood logs
  • Softwood logs
  • Kindling
  • Firelighters
  • Turf
  • All coal is packed in 40kg and 20kg bags

Gas Products
Gas has become increasingly popular for cooking and heating – we have responded to this by stocking a wide range of gas cylinders at our cash & carry yard. You can collect gas at our cash and carry, or we’ll be happy to deliver it to your doorstep. We stock:

  • 4.53kg Butane
  • 5.00kg Butane
  • 7.00kg Butane
  • 11.34kg Butane
  • 6.00kg Propane
  • 10.88kg Propane
  • 11.00kg Propane
  • 13.15kg Propane
  • 19.05kg Propane
  • 34.00kg Propane
  • 47.00kg Propane

Special Offers

Latest Oil Prices

See below for latest oil delivery prices – as of 15th November 2018

300 litres – £175
500 litres – £275
900 litres – £475
1000 litres – £527

Heating Oil Collection Euro Price:

500 …

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What they say

  • Fast and reliable service and brilliant prices. Would definitely recommend Maguire Fuels.

    Pauline Gilmartin
  • Fantastic service never use anyone else & the guys are all great.

    Melanie Lewis