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Cash & Carry Fuel – Collection Only

At Maguire Fuels, Belleek, we offer fantastic savings to our R.O.I. customers on their home heating oil, coal and gas.


Coal Price ListSTG.EURO
Champion Coal, 40Kg£13.20€15.00
Coyle Columbian coal£13.00€14.50
Champion Doubles, 40Kg£12.50€14.00
Amber Flame£10.00€11.00
Black Gold, 40Kg£11.50€13.00
Tri Heat£11.20€12.50
Coalite (ovals), 40Kg (Smokeless Premium)£14.50€16.00
Ecoglow/Glo Therm (Smokeless)£13.50€15.00
Superflame (Smokeless)£13.20€14.50
Nuggets, 40Kg£11.50€13.50
Singles/Slack 40Kg£9.00€10.00
Calco, 40Kg£14.50€16.00
Peat Briquettes 3 for£10.50€11.50
Logs / Lighters, 3 for£9.00€10.00

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Oil Price ListSTG.EURO
100 litres£34.90€40.00
200 litres£69.80€80.00
300 litres£94.80€108.00
500 litres£158.00€180.00
1000 litres£290.00€330.00
Gas Price ListSTG.EURO
11.34kg Butane£24.00€27.50
10.89kg Propane£24.00€27.50
19kg Propane£44.00€50.00
34kg Propane£74.00€85.00
47Kg Propane£86.00€100.00
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